29 July 2011

Have A Beautiful Weekend!

I hope everyone has a beautiful, relaxing weekend. After last weekend's chaos, I am excited to be able to have a romantic & restful weekend with Nick. I hope to get a little bit of "back to school" shopping done & eat some really tasty foods.

What is on your list of things for the weekend? What has inspired you?

◦ I am absolutely inspired by Natalie of iheartthisblog & her 30x30 posts. She has picked 30 pieces to mix & match for one month {30 days} and photo documents her daily outfits. While I don't expect to actually blog my outfits for 30 days, I do expect to more carefully chose my clothing for the month of August. I tend to get so lazy with my wardrobe, especially when I go back to work. Teaching art always seems to lead to big messes & I have never felt like it is worth the effort of looking stylish.

◦ The "Let's Play Pretend" photoset by Lissy Elle is enchanting & adorable. It has inspired some of the style decisions I have made this week, and will continue for the month of August--soft scarves, loose waves, ruffles, pinks & creams.

◦ Another inspiration is the photographer Antonella Arismendi. Her photographs and models have a natural beauty and soft glow. Check out the Kling Summer and White portfolios, especially.

{Photo Credit: 1 & 2 Lissy Elle, 3 Antonella Arismendi}

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