12 August 2010

Things I Love Thursday, August 12, 2010

Alexis Anne Mackenzie, Never Be Sad, 2009

Today's TILT is all of the artists that I've found and bookmarked and have yet to post anywhere.

Sophie Blackall, Old Fashioned Girl, 2010

11 August 2010

Bacon, Avocado, and Feta Quiche Recipe

It's about a week later than when I would have liked to post this... but better late than never, I say!

Last week at the Gervasi Vineyard Farmer's Market I met the lovely women at Capella Artisan Goat Cheese and bought two containers of their Kryoites Feta Cheese. Yum!
Anyways, as we were talking I mentioned that it would be perfect for my bacon, avocado, and feta quiche that I have made in the past. They encouraged me to give them the recipe and I told them that I would have to write it down. I basically had taken about 3 different recipes from the internet and made it my own. This time I documented my cooking!
Without further ado... Bacon, avocado, and feta quiche recipe!

Quiche Filling
4 Large Eggs
2 Tablespoons Dry White Wine
1/2 Teaspoon Salt
1/4 Teaspoon Pepper
1 1/4 Cup Heavy Cream Scalded
1 Avocado
1/2 Pound Thick Sliced Bacon
4 Ounces Feta Cheese

The white wine I chose was not super dry. In fact, I just bought the Chardonnay/Sauvignon blend because it tasted good and I knew I would drink the rest of it with the meal!

Bacon and the really tasty feta from Capella.
I used a pre-made Marie Callendar crust, but I would say if you had a really amazing homemade crust recipe, use that!

Instructions1. Preheat oven to 375°
2. Cook bacon until it is well done and extra crispy
3. Crumble bacon and cut avocado and feta into small cubes and place at bottom of pastry shell
4. Mix eggs, white wine, salt, pepper and cream; pour over bacon, avocado, and feta in shell
5. Bake quiche at 375° for about 30 minutes (mine took a little more like 40 minutes)

I'm still trying to work out some little kinks... like this time around the bacon seemed to lose some of it's crispy texture. I'm wondering if I crumble it on top if maybe it'll stay better. Also, the cook time took a little longer than what I thought it did so I had to keep an eye on it until it firmed up.
Overall though it came out very good and paired nicely with a fresh cucumber salad and glass of white wine. My boys at up the whole quiche! Good thing I made two!

03 August 2010

A Quick Post

It's been awhile but I'm still around. Things have been busy lately with the house and wedding planning. Work and some personal relationships had been stressful, but thankfully I've got an amazing support system (Nick, family and friends) that have helped me manage. I have had to come to the realization that some of the people whom I considered friends were not, and am working on cutting ties with the toxic relationships.
In the mean time I interviewed for, and was ultimately offered, an art teaching job within North Canton City Schools. I'm incredibly excited for the new school year! While I'll be sad to leave some of the friends and co-workers in Canton City, I think this will be much better in the long run.
Tomorrow Nick and I are back at Genevieve Nisly's to see what our engagement photos turned out like. It's going to be a lot of fun to see what James was able to come up with.

10 July 2010

Photograph Post

I was at a barbeque at my fiance's familys' house and while we were hanging out in their backyard a loud chirping started to occur in a nearby shrub. It was loud and consistent. We thought whatever it was must have just been hatched.

About 2 hours later this little guy flew out of the shrub into a tree. I have never seen a hummingbird so close, let alone a baby one! It couldn't fly all that well, dipping down and fluttering like crazy. But it was trying to find it's mother who was up in the tree. It was kind of sad but kind of endearing.

07 July 2010

Vacation Recap

I've been back from vacation for a few days but haven't had much time to update due to the holiday.

Vacation was a blast! I was able to catch up on some much needed sleep, soak in a little sun, take some really great photos, and Nick and I tried our hand at some new dishes.

Also, while I was down in North Carolina I signed for the house! I will receive my keys on July 10th. Although, in all honesty, we have snuck in and have already commenced tearing out flooring, shelving, and just about everything else from the house.
I took a lot of pictures, so I put them behind a "Read More" cut.

Nick and I are not cheesy most of the time, but I couldn't resist.

24 June 2010

Things I Love Thursday - June 24, 2010

The first day of summer was Monday and I'm heading to North Carolina tomorrow. What better way to celebrate than a Things I Love Thursday inspired by celebrating the things I equate with warm weather, beaches, and sunshine!

  • I find it incredibly hard to maintain good looking skin and a nice glow when I'm at the beach. (I burn so easily!) That is why I love this tutorial by Kandee Johnson on how to look fabulous at the beach. I'm definitely going to try this!

  • Katy Perry. She's so cute and sassy. I love that she's engaged to Russell Brand. And mostly I love how catchy "California Girls" is. It might possibly be on loop my entire way to the ocean!

  • Ice cream sandwiches: I plan to make these at least 3 times while we're at the beach house. Yum!

  • Gala Darling's list of 50 Things To Do Before Summer Ends.

  • "A positive attitude may not solve all your problems,but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort."—Herm Albright

  • Feelin' happy? Calm? Sunny days? This is internet radio based on your mood. First thing I heard? "Don't Worry, I'm Yours" Jason Mraz remixed with Bobby McFerrin. Instant love!

  • It's Thursday! Tomorrow's the start of a beautiful weekend. What do you love?

    23 June 2010

    Wedding Inspiration Board

    With a little under a year till the wedding we have really started to put together ideas and details. The first thing Nick and I really focused on was the venue for the ceremony and reception and the photographer.

    We really got lucky and found some really beautiful locations that represented our interests and taste. Our reception venue is an amazing location that is downtown Canton, Ohio but sends you back in time and to another place. I was also super excited to find out that Genevieve Nisly was available the day of our wedding and booked her immediately.

    Our inspiration was vintage and romantic, Chicago School architecture, soft flowers and succulents, ornate frames, ivory and pearls. Photography, specialty drinks, dancing, cookies and candy. We really are going for something simple but elegant. Formal but not stuffy.

    {Photos from Geneieve Nisly, Monumental Designs, Castle Argyle Apartments, Chicago Building, Style Me Pretty}

    21 June 2010

    Entertainment Review (TV) - Work of Art: The Next Great Artist

    At the direction of my cousin, Jake, I spent last evening watching Work of Art: The Next Great Artist. If you haven't heard about the show, it is a reality program that is similar to Project Runway. 14 artists competing against each other in timed challenges, one winner an episode, and one poor sap that gets sent packing.

    (If you are at all interested you can watch the episodes here.)

    After watching the first two episodes I'm not too sure how I feel about it. My cousin's complaint was that, "it is not what art is about." And while I understand his issue, there is a part of me who is incredibly excited to see artists finally getting some much needed mainstream attention. I also don't find the competitive nature of the show to be too far off from some of the real-life competitions for commissions that have been held throughout time. Granted Ghiberti was never asked to create a postapocolyptic-humanoid-toasteroven-corpse in a post-modern response to consumerism, but one can make some connections (albeit stretched) to similar competitive endeavors.

    Anyways, I suppose that my major concern is just this... while there seems to be some serious talents amongst the group, right now it's just plain boring. And the bullshit and drama isn't even the bad kind of reality television people are drawn to watch because it is just so BAD. Pull out some of the mediocre characters, and lose some of the annoying critics and perhaps I'll be back.