22 March 2012

Saturated Canary & Mad Men Inspired Digi Post

I am so excited to announce that Krista of Saturated Canary has chosen one of my ideas for her newly designed digis!

I suppose it is no surprise that I was quick to suggest Mad Men. I couldn't be more obsessed with that show and the characters in it. Roger Sterling & Joan Holloway are definitely my favorites, so I was thrilled to see that this lovely stamp had very *ahem* Joan-like qualities.

I really wanted to spend a lot more time designing a sort of Mad Men inspired SMASH* page {if you are not familiar with SMASH*ing I recommend checking out Kellie Winnell's blog and Krista's post here}.

Anyways, yesterday while coaching I got hit... and I mean HIT... square in the nose with a full-on forehand tennis ball. Needless to say, the rest of my day was spent icing my swollen nose and calming the pain with lots of ibuprofen. So I'll just have to post what I had up until that point.

And really, this illustration couldn't come at a better time! This Sunday is the season premier of Mad Men and I'm already planning a big night of it. If I would have known sooner, I may have just made some premier party invites with the image!

So, without further ado, here is the Mad Men digi from Saturated Canary with a few of my own embellishments {because we all know it's not Mad Men without a good martini!}

And here is the best part of the whole post! Krista was nice enough to allow me to open up a contest for you! This Mad Men inspired digi could be yours!

Here is what you'll need to do to enter:

1) Comment on this post sometime between now and Sunday 
{I will close it after the 2-hour Mad Men premier @ 11pm EST}

2) You must be a follower 
{either through Blogger or Facebook}

Good luck! 
And thank you to Krista for this opportunity!

{Giveway Update 03/26/2012}
Winner of the Blanche Giveaway: Alina

20 March 2012

Thank You For Your Patience!

I promise I am still alive! I really am! 

I just have been insanely busy with work, coaching, working out & keeping my life somewhat organized. The good news is, in the last 75 days I have lost 20 pounds!

20 pounds! That's huge for me as I am not back to the weight that I was my freshman year in college. I'm hoping that I will have some time in the coming week to post about my nutrition and lifestyle changes I have made to see these results.

Oh! And I also got bangs!

Anyways, expect a Things I Love Thursday this week, then hopefully a few posts in the upcoming weeks!

Thanks for your patience!