15 July 2011

Happy Friday!

Good morning!

These summer weeks are FLYING by. Can you believe we are already more than halfway through July? That is crazy to me! Nick & I are visiting another farmers' market tomorrow and then heading up to Painesville for their annual Party in the Park. I have always loved summer festivals & fairs, especially when they are able to bring in some talented musicians and artists! I'm going to try to slow down and really enjoy my weekend, and the rest of the summer, as there are fewer days till I'm back at work. I hope you all can do the same.

The gorgeous flowers that have been warming up our kitchen since Wednesday. Can anyone tell me what kind of flowers they are? I am tempted to grow them next summer.

I'm always excited to learn about new music. This Seattle band has been on heavy rotation as of late and I'm thinking about going to see them open for The Decemberists in Cleveland.

How cute are these color wheel earrings? Perfect for any art teacher...

This would be so nice for potting herbs during the months I don't have my garden.

I am in love with this bedroom collection from Anthropologie. It would go great in my salmon colored bedroom, no?

I agree with Ron Swanson {and also Seth Meyers} where is Nick Offerman's Emmy nomination?

Anyways, be safe and see you all Monday!

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