08 July 2011

Have a Wonderful Weekend!

Anything exciting going on this weekend?

I am thankful it is Friday! Tomorrow Nick and I will be taking a little road trip north to Michigan. We wanted to do some shopping, check out the IKEA store, and possibly pick up a little something extra while up there. (My "little something extra" is going to be a surprise until Monday, because nothing has been set in stone.) AND! On Sunday I will be going to an Indian's game with Nick, Chase & Dad.

I had a sort of falling out with Cleveland sports, as I'm sure, every Northeast Ohioan does at some point in their lives. Within the last... well, for as long as I can remember... they've been breaking my heart.

Although pessimism seems to still be coursing through my veins. I'm ready to let the past go. I'm going to go there Sunday and enjoy myself and the company.

Have a wonderful weekend!

A letter to Cleveland, one year after "The Decision", from Ohio State blogger, Ramzy.

One of the brighter moments for Cleveland sports on July 8th.

Time-lapse video of the field being painted for the All Star Game.

Unrelated to sports, but, this is such an awesome way to share herbs fresh from your garden.

And a collection of some inspiring interiors with hardwood floors.

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