19 January 2012

Things I Love Thursday - January 19, 2012

  • Two weeks ago I purchased a new, wide-angle camera lens. I love it! Look at one of the awesome photos I captured with it already!

  • Being inspired to create art. I’ve been spending a lot of time with my pencils and watercolors. It makes me feel motivated and complete.
  • Being inspired to blog! This is not something I get done a lot {obviously} and in the past week I have not only posted here, but to the North Canton Patch, and also my art education blog.
  • I am on week two of the Biggest Loser competition at work. In my first two weeks I’m already down 6.44% of my body weight! I feel good, healthy, and energized!

{...More Little Things}

Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis ∙ Vegan pizza - lots of veggies & Daiya cheese ∙ Wearing this bracelet that I received for Christmas ∙ ...and also, this necklace ∙ Watching new episodes of New Girl ∙ …and Jersey Shore ∙ MyFitnessPal {like I had mentioned earlier, I'm trying to reach my goal weight, and this app has been incredibly helpful in tracking my nutrition and exercise} ∙ Generous & sincere compliments about my writing & teaching ∙ Critiquing Golden Globes fashion and nominees with my husband {he'd probably be a little mortified if I let you know about this} ∙ Claire Danes, Sofia Vergara, and Rooney Mara's Golden Globes 2012 dresses  ∙ Keeping really busy & pretty organized in 2012 ∙ Taking Noelle to be groomed & getting her back with a big, sparkley blue bow on her hot pink collar

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