20 January 2012

How I Am Coping With My Pinterest Obsession

It seems that every so often I become downright obsessed with some sort of social media. I think it probably started back in the days of dial-up modems and America Online. My friends and I could spend hours chatting with complete strangers. A/S/L?

I have owned everything from an AOL screen name to a Xanga account. Chatting, blogging, vlogging, liking and poking. I have been there. Done that.

I just can’t get enough of connecting with people across the globe.

 My newest obsession? Pinterest. 

Pinterest is a virtual pinboard site that organizes and shares all of the things that you, and the rest of the world, find interesting and inspiring.

How does Pinterest work? It is incredibly easy to use. For example, while I’m on my usual blogroll and I see something I like ... a tasty recipe, an inspiring work of art, a do-it-yourself project I’d like to try, or various other things ranging from health and fitness to hunky actors ... instead of saving it to my bookmarks or various folders on my desktop, I can pin it to my boards and access it later.

You can install an app that will put a little ‘Pin It’ tab on your bookmarks bar of your browser. At the click of a button you can save the inspiring image, select how you want to categorize it, and continue surfing without having to leave the page.

Best of all, those images are linked on your Pinterest boards to the original website where you found it. Perfect for going back and finding a specific recipe or how-to instructions on DIY projects.

I can justify this obsession because, unlike with Facebook where I just unhealthy creep on people, with Pinterest I am actually using it to better my life. I have made two wreaths and other home decor objects, pieces of jewelry, and used it to inspire my hair, fashion and makeup. I think it is safe to accredit some of my recent weight loss and healthy decision making to my fitness board. And, I have made a dozen of the delicious recipes I have found there (they are so easy to pull up on my iPad and work from on the kitchen counter).

So go ahead, request an invite, start pinning, and become obsessed (but just make sure you do something with all of your fabulous finds).

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