16 January 2012

Color Board - Winter Whites

{Top Row - Ghost Necklace; Winter Rain Original Watercolor. Middle Row - Claire White Modern Art Print; fieldguided blog. Bottom Row - element ceramic wall tile; Fleet Foxes.}

Today's color board has everything to do with the snow that has finally started to fall here in Northeast Ohio. I'm trying very hard to enjoy it as I'm more of an Autumn sort of person. But the snow really is beautiful, even if it makes getting out of bed & getting to work difficult.

Most of the board are random finds on etsy, while two of them are just inspirational wintery day pleasures. First, Anabela at fieldguided has fantastic posts, a gorgeous etsy site, and is just an all around beautiful person. Second, Fleet Foxes, a band that was introduced to me years ago on my cross-country road trip, is the perfect kind of music to get lost in over a hot cup of coffee and a cozy blanket.

And while your checking out the other items, make sure you take a longer look at Catherina's etsy site. She has stunning watercolor illustrations. I love her fawns & dogs.

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