23 June 2010

Wedding Inspiration Board

With a little under a year till the wedding we have really started to put together ideas and details. The first thing Nick and I really focused on was the venue for the ceremony and reception and the photographer.

We really got lucky and found some really beautiful locations that represented our interests and taste. Our reception venue is an amazing location that is downtown Canton, Ohio but sends you back in time and to another place. I was also super excited to find out that Genevieve Nisly was available the day of our wedding and booked her immediately.

Our inspiration was vintage and romantic, Chicago School architecture, soft flowers and succulents, ornate frames, ivory and pearls. Photography, specialty drinks, dancing, cookies and candy. We really are going for something simple but elegant. Formal but not stuffy.

{Photos from Geneieve Nisly, Monumental Designs, Castle Argyle Apartments, Chicago Building, Style Me Pretty}

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