05 August 2011

Take Nothing For Granted - Part II

It seems surreal that I would have to make another post like this, about taking nothing for granted. But last night around dinner I got a phone call from one of my brother's friends explaining that he had been in a bicycle accident and wasn't wearing a helmet.

According to the friend, things were okay and he was just going to need some stitches. But they had to call and ambulance and he was being taken to a local hospital.

I dreaded having to make another phone call to my mother explaining that another one of her loved ones was being driven to the hospital for a head injury.

Unfortunately my brother was in worse shape than my dad had been. In fact, he is still in the hospital with two skull fractures, a shoulder fracture, eight stitches, and a lot of bumps and bruises. He will stay in ICU until they feel he is safe to go home.

It was so hard to see my brother in that state last night. This morning I went in and sat with him. He seems to be in much better condition and really wants to get out of there. However, because of the location of the fractures, they need to keep monitoring him to make sure no complications occur.

With that being said, I am so grateful that he is ultimately alright and nothing more serious happened. Like I said before, take absolutely nothing for granted. Tell your family & friends you love them. And if you are a bike rider, please please PLEASE wear a helmet.

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