08 February 2012

The Little Things {Good Health}

I am a huge supporter of daily affirmations.

In fact, sometimes I make myself sick I worry so much that if I don't acknowledge something that it might go away.

I feel like this is something I can constantly improve upon, too. I know I don't share enough with my family, friends, co-workers, and students just how amazing they are and how much I appreciate them.

I think that is why I love these posts and my Things I Love Thursdays so much. It's a chance for me to share with the universe the things I value, adore, and cannot live without!

Since last Thursday I feel like I've been bombarded with bad news. Work related things have had me stressed out and it took a toll on my health. I spent part of my weekend in the hospital, having a couple tests done, making sure that I was healthy. Thankfully, I am!

And while right now my health {and the health of those around me} seems like a huge thing, it is often something I take for granted. I am in good health, and so are the people in my life, and for that I am grateful.

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