20 February 2012

Color Board - Grey & Citron

Just like the last color board, this board also has inspiration from the recent Ohio weather. Lately it's been cool and crisp, but bright with sunshine. It makes me very aware that spring is just around the corner.

I'm really loving the bursts of bright, cool color on a cool, dark grey. Grey and citron {as well as charcoals, blacks, and various shades of yellow} have been popping up in my wardrobe, too. I've bought some yellow accessories and a wool jacket that I cannot get enough of!

I included a lovely photo of Georgia O'Keefe on a Harley Davidson {as photographed by Maria Cabot}. Lately I've really been into reading and studying Art History again, especially about the women who shaped the art world as it is today {it also helps with they have rather intriguing personal lives with a lot of speculation}. 

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