28 November 2011

Thanksgiving Cocktails

This post will shock some of my closest followers as they had thought that I had abandoned them! But no, I had just been on a sort of personal blogging hiatus.

My teaching job has me doing a lot of blogging from the classroom. In fact, I'm not only writing on my personal teaching blog, but I'm also an internet published blogger over at North Canton Patch. It's been exciting and has opened up a few very cool connections within my city.

Anyways, I'll write more about my personal endeavors at another time, but for now I wanted to share my recipe for the drink my whole family devoured on Thanksgiving Day! {Or "Slopsgiving" as we were calling it!}

Apple Pie Moonshine!

My brother brought my husband and I a bottle of Everclear grain alcohol back from Kentucky and I had NO IDEA what I was going to do with it. He suggested I make some Apple Pie Moonshine to enjoy during Thanksgiving. I prepared this a few weeks in advance, although you can enjoy it right away, but I think it's better to let the flavors mellow.

Bring 1 gallon apple cider, 1 gallon apple juice, 12 cinnamon sticks, and 3 cups white sugar to a boil. Remove from heat and let cool. Add liter of grain alcohol. Divvy up cinnamon sticks in 12 mason jars, pour out evenly, put on lids, and store in the fridge.

It was so good! Straight from the bottle was very sweet, warm, and cinnamon-y, so we'd pout it into cups and add just a splash of regular apple cider to mellow it out even more.

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